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The Keddies, aka The Farmers

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“A few months after we purchased the farm in 2015, we hosted a big party to show it off to our friends and family. It happened to be Reg's 50th birthday. One of our closest friends at the end of the event asked us if we were nuts for taking on this big of a project at this point in our life. In truth, we probably are.

The Keddies are a little bit of the classic story of city girl meets country guy, falls in love and happily "work their asses off" ever after.


They wouldn't trade this life for anything.

If you follow them on our social media sites you'll definitely see more of their wild and wonderful story of the work and play they do out here.

Reg is a 4th generation poultry farmer. He's both the brains and the brawn behind the operations. This guy knows his feathered friends. He's also amazing on any piece of heavy equipment. It's his skills that has allowed the Keddies to do so much of the improvements and development of the farm themselves. It is debatable if it's always a good thing, but it is the reason they have gotten so much done.

Reg has spent much of the first years here just cleaning and clearing garbage so Lora could then plant these areas up. You see, Lora has a plant addition. Lora, born and raised in Portland, Oregon, has a background in marketing and operations, but it was the call to the dirt, the plants and the land itself, that led her astray. That's how the farmer caught the city girl. He showed her all the dirt he had available on his farm. 

In 2017, Lora became a Ka Ta See Shaman and medicine woman. She hosts regular classes on the farm. You can find these at: As well, together, Reg and Lora are amazing cooks of fresh foods, and they share this through many dinner and brunch events open to the public on the farm. You can learn more on this site on the Events and Classes page.


Some think they bonded over their sick and twisted love of hard work, but those that know them better will believe it was over their love of food.


“Oh, do we love food. Beautiful places, good food and ultimately family. These are the things that drive us.”

You see it on their farm, you’ll notice it when you talk to them. It's hard to have a conversation with them where these three points aren't involved. 

They know they have an amazing life surrounded by what they love, and you can't help but feel a part of it, and these farmers, when you visit Keddie Farms.

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